Series Points

NQ Ocean Paddle Series Points

To be eligible to win a series position, you must compete in 3 or more series races. You can collect a race point by attending a race as a volunteer (must be pre-arranged) if you are unable to race.

Points allocation

Category Points – These are awarded based on your finish position for your category.

Overall Points – These are awarded to the top 10 based on your overall finish position (long course only) regardless of your category. They are split into Male and Female Overall. Sprint points are added to the overall points for final score.

Long Course Categories

Male Open SkiMale Open OC1OC2/Double
Female Open SkiFemale Open OC1Open SUP
Male Masters Ski (40+)Male Masters (40+) OC2OC6
Female Masters Ski (40+)Female Masters (40+) OC2 

Short Course Categories

Short Course MaleJunior Female
Short Course FemaleSUP Male
Junior MaleSUP Female

Other categories such as Grand Masters, Plastic Kayak, Male/Female etc will be created as required.

 Points Allocation

PlacingPoints Accrued
1st Place20 Points
2nd Place18 Points
3rd Place16 Points
4th Place14 Points
5th Place12 Points
6th Place10 Points
7th Place8 Points
8th Place7 Points
9th Place5 Points
10th Place3 Points
All Finishers (category only)1 Point

Race Volunteer – 1 point

Refer a friend to try the Short course and get 2 points added to your overall points score. They can not have competed in the NQOPS Series before and they must tell us when they register that you referred them (they can only choose 1 paddler to give the points to).
The short course and junior courses are perfect for people wanting to give the sport ago. If you have a friend who might be interested (even a little…..maybe they glanced at your boat one day….) let them know about the short course option.

Points for Magnetic Loop & The Eliminator will be different from the standard point system. See these event pages for point information.