Etty Bay 2020 – Update

The time is almost here for our first post COVID race!

While things are beginning to feel a lot more normal, many hours of work have taken place to ensure we can still run our events.

We want everyone to be Covid-Safe during our event. Covid-Safe restrictions recommended by Government medical authorities will be enforced throughout the event area during the event period. As part of our Covid-Safe protocols we require our participants (competitors, spectators and friends) to self-monitor their health during the 14 days leading up to the event. If during that period you suffer from any flu-like symptoms you should not attend the event. It is your responsibility to be honest about your health status no matter how desperate you are to get back to competition. If you advise us prior to the event that you can not attend due to sickness, we will refund your entry fee

Please ensure you read the information below so that we can stay within COVID guidelines (gatherings of no more than 20ppl) and have a great weekend.


An event briefing video will be sent out to all competitors. Competitors need to view this video prior to the event. Last minute safety details will be given on the beach prior to the start of the race.

EVENT START – Long Course

To allow for more competitors the long course start will have 2 start locations and 3 wave starts.

  • Wave 1 – 2:00pm – All Female Competitors (Ski & Outrigger)

Collect race bibs from Rego desk 1 (see map) from 1:30pm and move paddle craft down to the beach. All Paddlers to clear the rego area and be ready on the beach at 1:55pm

  • Wave 2 – 2:02pm – All Male Outriggers & Double craft

Collect race bibs from Rego desk 2 (see map) from 1:30pm. Move paddle craft to the beach. Wave 2 will start immediately after Wave 1

  • Wave 3 – 2: 10pm – All Male Skis

Collect race bibs from Rego desk 1 (see map) from 1:55pm. Please do not move into this area until wave 1 paddlers have cleared the area. Wave 3 paddlers can place skis in position on the beach away from the start of the Wave 1 paddlers (see map)

EVENT START – Short Course

Short Course – Rego open 2:00pm, Start 2:30pm

*Please only attend your registration area at your designated time. If you are early stay in your car or away from others

*Hand sanitizer will be available at all registration areas

*Keep spectators & helpers to the minimum

*Display social distancing, stay 1.5m from others

*Do not gather in large groups


The finish area at Etty Bay has plenty of area for all of our competitors. Etty Bay SLSC will have a sausage sizzle available, each paddler will get 1 free sausage (from NQOPS) and additional sausages can be purchased.

*Do not gather in large groups at the finish area or near the BBQ

*Spectators and helpers must spread out on the beach

*Display social distancing, stay 1.5m from others

*Hand sanitizer will be available at the finish tent and the BBQ

*Cups etc will not be provided. Drinks will be available for purchase and taps to fill water bottles

We thank all our paddlers for their support at this time as we follow these guidelines so that we can continue to organise more great paddling events in North Queensland.