New Doubles Teams & Categories

New rules for Double Craft Teams

Paddlers in double craft can now form teams for the series.

At each race, 1 person in the craft must have paddled previously for that team (except the first race). The second paddler can be a new paddler. Boat must keep the same team name through the series. The craft can change but not the craft type (eg, you must stay OC2 or Ski)

Eg, Race 1: Tom & Sarah

Race 2: Tom & Mark (new)

Race 3: Sarah & Linda (new)

Race 4: Linda & Rob (new)

Race 5: Linda & Tom

Final Team members: Tom, Sarah, Mark, Linda & Rob


We will split the double craft in the long course into OC2 & Ski categories. The short course will remain the same (all double craft together) as numbers are low for these craft types in this course.