Magnetic Loop Logistics 2020

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Magnetic Loop is finally here! See below for a quick run down of timing and logistics. We will be paddling clockwise around the island. A video briefing of all the bays will be released shortly.

By now, you should have organised to get your paddle craft to Magnetic Island. If you haven’t, call Magnetic Island Ferries (the car barge) to book TODAY! You need to tell them you are booking with a kayak. 07 4796 9300

If you have problems getting your craft to Magnetic Island contact Joel 0447496489 and we can see how we can help.

If you arrive in the morning, you will need to carry your boat to the grass area at Nelly Bay (usually this is a bit of a team effort, once everything is off the barge everyone helps get everything to the grass)

Briefing time (includes Short Course) – 8:25am (check in and collect race number before this time)
Start Location – Nelly Bay Marina
Start Time – 8:45am
Finish location – Nelly Bay Marina (paddling past Peppers Deck)

Short Course Start – Picnic Bay

Short Course Finish – West Point

Presentations – approx 3:45pm Scallywags Cafe (just over the road from HQ)

Path to Nelly Bay Start/Finish area


  • *Short Course paddlers & team paddlers need to be at Nelly Bay at the same time as the long course paddlers. They will be taken in cars to their start points when the race starts.
  • *Bags will be taken around the island for paddlers and made available at each bay. We ask that you don’t make these bags too big and heavy as they will be loaded and unloaded multiple times. If you don’t see your bag at a stop, just ask us.
  • *Label your bag with your race number (collect tag at HQ) so we get your bag in the correct car as we will split into 2 groups.
  • *Food, drink and massage will be available at each stop. Please ensure that you use the sanitizer available when collecting food or drink.

*Highly recommended that Short Course Paddlers also carry an orange smoke flare