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General Information Booklet 

NQOPS 2019 Info book – General Info

Make sure you check out the individual race event page for further race information. Updates on information will be emailed to registered competitors.


When you arrive:

When you arrive at the start location of the event, all competitors must:

  • CHECK IN at the Registration Desk
  • Receive a Race Number (one race number for entire series)
  • Sign an indemnity form (if have not done so)
  • Make your payments (if not paid online)

Race Briefings:

Race Briefings will be held 15 minutes before each event. It is recommended for all competitors to attend the race briefing for specific course information, unexpected/last minute race information and general information regarding that particular event.

Competitors should aim to arrive before the Race Briefing time to have all equipment organized and ready for the start of the race.

All competitors must check in at the registration desk before attending the event.

Safety and Emergency:

Safety Equipment

All competitors must wear a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) and Leg Leash for every event. Long Course paddlers must also have an orange smoke flare with them. Self inflating PFDs are not sufficient, foam PFDs must be worn at all times.

Know the Course

We advise all competitors to study the course before participating to ensure they are familiar with what is to be expected. It is also important for competitors to be sure that they are able to complete each course safely in regards to their fitness capabilities. Safety precautions will be undertaken at each event to ensure the safety of all competitors.

Course maps and other information can be reached in the event page, on our Facebook Page and on the day of the event. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

Craft Pick Up:

For some courses, the start and finish points are at different locations. It is important for competitors to plan to pick up their craft from the finish point. Below are options competitors may choose to plan their craft pick up:

  • Plan for another individual (spectator) to drop you at start point and drive to meet you at the finish point and pick up your craft
  • Grab a buddy who is also competing in the race. You can then plan to have one car left at the start point and one at the finish point to load crafts

It is crucial for competitors to have their craft pick up plan in order so they are not stranded or stuck at the finish point.


There will be no official presentations after each individual event. 1st place in each category will be awarded as they finish (this prizes can be collected from the BBQ area). Random prize draws will also be awarded based on finish position (random numbers are chosen). If you are a random prize winner you will be directed to collect your prize from the BBQ area by the timing crew.

We encourage you to stay and chat at the finish line and cheer on the final paddlers, it’s a great atmosphere! We do understand however that people have many other things to do over the weekend and cannot always stay.

Results can be found here quite soon after each race is completed. Where possible, results will be available on the computer at the races when most paddlers have finished or as soon as the last paddler arrives.

There will be a series presentation evening after the final race of the season.

To be eligible to win a series position, you must compete in 3 or more series races. You can collect a race point by attending a race as a volunteer (must be pre-arranged) if you are unable to race.